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*Essay about Horseplay at the Agency Gallery, London (with pictures) in KunstForum (English)
*Review of LET GO! at the Agency Gallery, London in WeHeart (English)
*Portfolio in Elephant Magazine, Frame Publishers (English)
*Review of Horseplay at Le Générateur, Paris in Dimanche Rouge Magazine (English)
*Review of Horseplay at Le Générateur, Paris in Inferno Magazine (in French)
*PINK CUBE nominated for the Oslo-prize "Best Art 2013" together with artist Bård Ask, interview here (NO)
*Group exhibition TBA: curated by True Solvang Vevatne, The Association of Norwegian Sculptors, Oslo (NO) August 29th - 31st 2014
*Performance, PAO Festival, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo November 14th - 16th 2014
*Solo exhibition: House of Foundation, Moss (NO) Jan - March 2015
*Group exhibition TBA: curated by Charles Garcin, Paris (FR) March 2015


*Interview and pictureblog from Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, ArtSceneTrondheim (NO)

*Article in ArtSlant (English)

Banana Blues in 5 newspapers(NO)

*Interview in Måg #13 (English)

*Inteviews in Dagsavisen and HA

*Review, Battle 13 Kunstkritikk

*PINK CUBE in Frieze Magazine
and Dazed Digital (Englsih)

*Interview about Osloprize (PINK CUBE winner of "Best art 2012")

*Interview in Paragone #1

*Pics from the solo exhibition at Akershus Art Center in KunstFORUM

*Review in Billedkunst#6 2012
and Kunstkritikk

*BA (Bergen Newspaper) 1 & 2

*Review of MMMULE in KunstFORUM

*PINK CUBE at Nasjonal-galleriet (TV-progam) NRK

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Above: Performance, W139, Amsterdam (NL) 2012

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Mirror to another world
*Do what you want to do (Voodoo Doll)
*See you in my dreams
*Banana Blues
*No escape from the inside


Akershus Art Center 2012

Galleri S.E. 2008

Killer prints
Larvik Kunstforening 2012

*Tiger Tiger (part II)
The National Art Exhibition
Oslo Central Station 2012

*MMMULE (part I)
Saltarelli Salong 2012