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/exhibition projects:
PINK CUBE Tricolor (2011) Zim zala bim IN THE BACKSEAT OF A ZIM (2011)
Public commissions:
After the injury (2008) After the war I (2008) After the war II (2008)
video(selected) 2012-04:
(scroll down for sculpture/press)
See you in my dreams (2012) Banana Blues (2012) Mirror to another world (2012)
Tiger Tiger (part II) (2012) Kinder Surprice (2012) Yaaay!!!Oioioi... (2012)
MMMOVE (2012) MMMULE (part IV) (2012) MMMULE (part III) (2012)
MMMULE  (part II) (2012) MMMULE (part I) (2012) Upchock Chick (2011)
CatAsTrophy (Swallow tail) (2011) Cat Astrophe (2011) Galleri Bossekk (2010/2011)
Faster, Pussycat! Eat! Eat! (2010) The Dream of the Fisherman (2010) Sex & Violence or Nature and Art (2010)
POP POP POP TILL YOU SLOP!!! (2010) This is the past, the present and the future (2010) Hot Dog (2010)
The taste of death is on my tongue, I feel something that is not from this world (2010) Caudal Appendage (2009) More blood more wine (2009)
Sorry, I had to fake it (2009) The Monster, the House and the Hog (2009) If I have any magic at all I think it’s because I am so totally real and look so totally artificial (2009)
Gas switch replacements in progress, X loaded Y ready for target delivery 07307/07 (2008) Infinity Carrot Field (last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master) (2008) Electronic universe 01 (2008)
Uten romdrakten din tror jeg ikke det er noen god idé (2008) Z_2 (2008) Z_3 (2008)
...and at midnight everybody ate fake midnight mushroom cake...(2007) Handle with care (2007) A performance triology (2007)
Shut the door, shut up and listen to the birds... (2007) Svulstig svor (2007) What you see is what you get (2006)
Electric (2004)    
Sculptures (selected)
2012 - 2008:
No escape from the inside (2012) Do what you want to do (Voodoo Doll) (2012) Killer prints (2012)
Lady Grill Pig (2011) Killer Office (2011) Silky Judder (main content-ment)  in Galleri Plastik 2010
Tight (2010) Just a game (2009/2010) Mr.X (at the after party) (2010)
Jogging bird (2009/2010) Pump me up please (2009) Electric connection (2009)
Henriette Hexapus (2008-2009) Eat (2008) Z (2008)
Fly with me (2008)    

Selected press (no/en):

Voodoo i Akershus

Aftenposten 2012

Årets utvalde

Klassekampen 2012


KunstFORUM #2 2012

Nysingel Unni Askeland kler seg naken

Olsson anbefaler

Morgenbladet 2012


Ung Galleriboom
på Grønland 2012

Anjas favoritter

Adresseavisen 2011

Kvalmende baconkunst
Universitas 2010

En fremtidsodyssé
Morgenbladet 2010

Blodig alvor og barslig humor

Argument 2010

Stikk kniven i kunsten!
KunstFORUM 2009

After the War - review

Kunzt 2008

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